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 [LOL]TicTac's Official Skin (B.E.T.A)

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PostSubject: [LOL]TicTac's Official Skin (B.E.T.A)   Sat 02 Jul 2011, 00:19

Hey all,

Kenny motivated me to try out skinning, just by looking at the impressive work on his own skin Wink, so I made this basic skin from the stormpilot model located in assets0.pk3... enjoy!

LINK -> tictac.pk3 - 427.5 Kb


Copy the "tictac.pk3" into your base folder.

All the tools that I used were Apple based (lol) but I have to thank Kenny for fixing a pk3 compiling problem which prevented those who had the skin from selecting it from the players menu in Jedi Outcast. The problem originated with one of my tools called iPak3. It was just not creating the correct structure for the final pk3 file. If ever I make future simple skins like this, ill be sure to use something like WinRAR (as Kenny himself suggested Wink or Apple's own StuffIt! utility.


iPak3 (Apple based pk3 compiler) (gonna drop using this because it was a load of shit lol)
Aperture 3 (Apple advanced image finalisation software)
TextEdit (Apple's tough little, light text editor!)


Evil TicTac (B.E.T.A)


If anyone wishes me to make them a basic skin, PM me please as I would like to get more into skinning and try out further techniques!
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PostSubject: Re: [LOL]TicTac's Official Skin (B.E.T.A)   Sat 02 Jul 2011, 01:04

hm nice
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PostSubject: Re: [LOL]TicTac's Official Skin (B.E.T.A)   Sat 02 Jul 2011, 09:09

By the way TicTac, your first skin is much better than my first skin :-D
It was ugly, really ugly.. and simple :-D
I think a little more practice and you'll become real artist :-D
And also... make a skin for Anakin... but dont ask him what he wants, he wont answer =(
Just do it (c) Nike
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PostSubject: Re: [LOL]TicTac's Official Skin (B.E.T.A)   Sat 02 Jul 2011, 13:15

teletubi skin for anakin
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PostSubject: Re: [LOL]TicTac's Official Skin (B.E.T.A)   

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[LOL]TicTac's Official Skin (B.E.T.A)
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