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 jk2 league

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PostSubject: jk2 league   Sun 30 May 2010, 00:41

Hello fellas !

I think i've got some good news for you.

As some of you might have heard , the JK2 polish scene has been reorganised and regrouped. They called back some old players for further challenge. Well , its no wonder coz polish jk2 scene is like a big family , they know each other. It turned out that a lot of people missed the game and they happily accepted the invitation to play again. 80 registered players in jk2 1on1 league from 1 country is pretty much , eh ?

That would be too hard to do with other countries , coz basicaly i think the players are quite isolated from each other, its more like a lot of groups of close game friends , who keeps contact with just a few guys from jk2. What i mean is - other countries wont be able to do what Polish scene has done. I think some guys tried it a lot of times but failed.

But there is a good thing. I've got some contact with guys from , and as you might know they are running their internal 1on1 league , but they are planning to move further.

There is a plan to start a 2on2 international league in the near future. That means that hopefully the portal will be international within some time.
Im not telling you its gonna be tomorrow , or in a week. These are just plans , but be sure that they will be realised , sicne is reliable source.

So maybe that will get back some people by the time that league starts. Just stay tuned and visit from time to time , when there is important news for us , you'll see it.

Moreover they were kind enough to make a subforum for guys from other countries on So i suggest we register there.

Well , thats how it is. Ill inform you if something interesting will happen Smile
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PostSubject: Re: jk2 league   Sun 30 May 2010, 11:57

That international subforum is empty atm Wink I can translate some stuff if somebody wants to.
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jk2 league
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