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 new Jedi Order

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PostSubject: new Jedi Order   new Jedi Order EmptyTue 10 Jul 2012, 07:00

hi guys
I got some ideas about a new system.
So first we need a good hierarchy like that one :
The Initiate : who have potentially Force
The Novice : who know all saber combo and force
The Padawan : who is learning from a Jedi Knigth or a Master Jedi
The Jedi Knight : who is trainning a Padawan
The Master Jedi : who form a Jedi Knigth
The Members Council : The best Master Jedis elect by the members themself
The Master of Order :(only one possible) who have wisdom and power (it can be the leader admin)
The Grand Master Jedi:(only one possible) who is the best with the saber and the Force.(the best player of the team)
The Jedi spirit : (Jedis dead) so who will only speak and never fight because they r dead

Only the council's members will decide who become Jedi Knight and with that action they elect a Master Jedi too.
I think all that need to be write in our name, example: LOL PadawanAcidvibes
And the color of the status can not change, to be more serious.In this example: LOL Padawan.
So who is coming in our server can not fight fisrt with our Master and Jedi Knight,
they most start with our Padawans and if they win them , continu with Jedi Knight etc...
So Master Jedi and Council members need to watch the fights when there is new players in the server,because it s more serious, the players feel important and become interested.
To be more attractive,i think we need to go(all team) to other server to show our discipline about our name color and hierarchy like :
LOL Master Jedi blabla etc...And we can only walk (never run)) to be more serious or when a Master speak all padawans and Jedi Knight crouching down to show our repect... And we can walk in line or 2 by 2 following...
Thinks like that can be attractive and professional

About the LOL server out of team rules
the credit most be active and easy to get
the fonction most be attractive like the bubble shield or by guns blaster , double saber etc...

Slayer told me a very good idea about the Empire and the Republic
He want to divide the team with Jedi and Sith to have some great battles and may be some scenarios
To make it correctly, if think we most reduce the Dark Force because its to powerfull or find an idea in this way.
The scenario can be :
2 teams
They start with small damage, when a player kill an enemy he got more damage , when he s full damage he got a small bulletprouf jaket,
after he got a Bacta dose,then a big bulletprouf jaket. Every kill give u a bonus.
Empire and republic can have different bonus.
Other scenario possible:
2 team
one of the team have some prisoners (without saber) in an area, the other team most to touch them to give a saber
The prisoners can be in different areas and Empir and Republic can have different spells. We need to pactice to polish it

Or a team hiding place a lady and the other team most find her and kiss her or grab her (using the bind) but her team is helping with counter-attack killing LUKE Skywalker because is the only one who can kiss her.IT S RIDICULOUS but just to have fun and troll scenario

So i ll think about other (serious ) scenarios
I hope i give u some ideas about a new system .
See u LOL members.
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PostSubject: Re: new Jedi Order   new Jedi Order EmptyTue 10 Jul 2012, 09:51

Some of this could be good and some just shit
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PostSubject: Re: new Jedi Order   new Jedi Order EmptyTue 10 Jul 2012, 19:31

Alot of role-playing stuff involved...
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PostSubject: Re: new Jedi Order   new Jedi Order Empty

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new Jedi Order
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